Assisting Both the Public and Private Sector



Creating Opportunities:

The defense resale business channel is a dynamic marketplace of opportunities. Consisting of commissaries, exchanges, and service opportunities, the business base exceeds $20 Billion in annual sales. Doing business with the government, however can be a daunting task even for the most experienced companies. DRS Federal can help you navigate the complexities of dealing with the federal acquisition process and the rules of business engagement. In addition, the defense resale channel is undergoing its most significant business transformation is modern times. The business operations and structure are going to change and the touch points for business engagement are in flux. DRS Federal can help you transition your business strategy from the world that was to the world that is going to be.

DRS Federal offers the following consulting services in support of Military Resale Business Channel:

- Basic understanding to the defense resale system and the “art of the possible “ for your business.

- Understanding the federal acquisition process.

- Providing “an introduction” to key decision makers.

- Understanding the benefits of the American Logistics Association as your voice in the defense resale system

- Understanding the roles of government and your rights as a company doing business with the government.

- An initial evaluation of your business strategy.

- A review and evaluation of your business strategy as it applies to the “world that is going to be” in defense resale.