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DRS Federal is a Service-Disabled  Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) led by one of the most  recognized and respected business experts in the Defense Resale System,  Mr. Patrick Nixon.  Nixon is a recognized expert in Defense Agency management, international  business operations and nonprofit association management. On more than  10 occasions, he has been invited to appear before congress to provide  testimony on behalf of the Defense Department and as an industry leader with the ALA. Nixon holds a BA from the University of Maryland at  College Park, an MBA from Tulane's Freeman School of Business and a  juris doctor degree from the University of Baltimore School of Law. He  has completed postgraduate programs in residence with the European  Institute of Public Administration in Brussels, Belgium and Harvard's  Kennedy School of Government. Nixon continues to work tirelessly in  support of the most deserving patrons in the world, America's military. 

The defense resale business channel consists of the  sales and service outlets found on military installations around the  world (commissary, exchange, fitness, family support activities, etc.).   Collectively, the business represents a $20 Billion business base  annually.  
The Defense Resale System is one of the finest examples  of a successful public/private partnership in American business.   Industry and government entities have come together to create an  effective and efficient business model that supports one of the  military’s most cherished benefits.  DRS Federal has a clear corporate  focus:  
(1) Maximize the potential of the defense resale system by  bringing private sector expertise in a readily accessible tool kit for  military retail leaders.  
(2) Enhance the ability of the private  sector to understand and do business with the federal government by  creating a single touch point of expertise to assist in the daunting  task of doing business with the government.

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